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Best Indian Car Battery Supplier in Senegal

Vantom Power is a leading Car Battery manufacturer brand with over 10+ years of experience in manufacturing and exporting Indian car batteries in Senegal.


Our Car battery is strong and designed to last longer than any other battery brand available in Senegal markets.


We also manufacture high-quality car and electric bicycle batteries in India and export to Senegal and countries all over the world as our experience is more than four decades. Choose the best car battery in Senegal today.

Best Indian Car Battery Supplier

Why Choose Vantom Power?

Best Car Battery Brand

Best Car Battery Brand in Senegal

We value our relations with our clients, therefore we are committed to providing the highest quality and robust performance car batteries in Senegal for a better life.

Our durable batteries makes us the best quality Indian Car Battery brand in Senegal.

Vantom Indian Car Batteries are known to have superior quality and are much more durable than car batteries from other countries and are also available at lower prices. Vantom Power being the Best Car battery brand in Senegal recognized and appreciated in Senegal and nearby areas for its durability, longer life, and affordable prices.

With our long experience in the field of the electronics industry and considering the importance of alternative energy, which is the solution for a more sustainable planet, we took the step to get into alternative energy industry equipment.

Our Car Batteries in Senegal

Vantom Indian Car Batteries give high performance with lower maintenance costs. Our batteries are environmentally friendly and produced with highly advanced in-house manufacturing units.


With Vantom Car battery, you get an advanced energy solution for your home and workplace that never stops during power cuts. It delivers supplying clean and stable power supply to all connected appliances and equipment.


Vantom Power is the best car battery manufacturer in Senegal. We have multiple partners in Senegal from whom you can procure Vantom power at the best prices. Get in touch with us today.

Car Batteries from vantom power

DF N40

12V 40AH

CCA/SAE +- 5%:400

best Car Batteries from vantom power

DF 55D23L

12V 55AH

CCA/SAE +- 5%:500

Best Indian Car Battery


12V 50AH

CCA/SAE +- 5%:450

Best Indian Car Battery


12V 70AH

CCA/SAE +- 5%:600

the best Car Batteries from vantom power

Vantom Power Car Batteries Advantages

  1. High Cranking Performance
  2. Calcium + Silver SMF Technology
  3. Maintenance-Free Battery
  4. Built-in-Flame Arrestor
  5. Suitable for Tropical Conditions
  6. Designed for a Long Life

 Frequently Asked Questions?

Q-1 How much time does it take to export a car battery from India to Senegal?                                         

The expected delivery time for the CAR BATTERY ORDER is within 5 to 6 days from the time it is shipping. This timeframe includes both business days and weekends.

Q-2 What is the Life span of an Indian Car Battery?

The lifespan of an Indian car battery in Senegal can vary depending on various factors, including usage patterns, maintenance practices, environmental conditions, and the specific brand and quality of the battery. The mentioned lifespan of 3-5 years seems to be a general estimate based on the assumption of typical usage and maintenance.

The cycle life specifications provided (C10: 3000 cycles, C20: 2000 cycles) refer to the number of charge-discharge cycles on 50% capacity a battery is expected to endure before its capacity significantly decreases.

Q-3 Why should you choose an Indian Car Battery in Senegal?

Because it has proven its efficiency and worth, in addition to the appropriate price compared to its counterparts in other countries.

Q-4 What are the advantages of using an Indian Car Battery?

Competitive price, High quality, long life, real performance.

Q-5 Do lead acid batteries discharge when not in use?

A battery doesn't discharge when not in use, but it might still experience some discharge over a long period.

Q-6 Can I get good quality Car batteries from India in Senegal?

Our product is available in various locations throughout Senegal. You can find our product in the market Additionally, our product may also be available in specialized stores, department stores, and online marketplaces. To get specific information about the availability of our product in a particular area or store, I recommend checking our website or contacting our customer service team. They will be able to provide you with the most up-to-date information on where you can purchase our products in Senegal.

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