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types of batteries which are used in alternative energy system

In the light of the excessive consumption of non-renewable energy resources, and the emergence of renewable energies on the scene, batteries have become the best economic and environmental solution to invest these resources and store their energy, whereas providing energy through batteries is an excellent way to keep on a clean and pollution-free environment. It also provides a lot financially, as it enables you to getting rid of large expenses for electricity bills.

But before you choose the right battery for your home or workplace, you have to check the availability of some specification in it, such as its type and date of manufacture, which is very important because what happens inside the battery is a chemical reaction, and it also gives an idea of ​​​​the battery storage time, which plays a negative role in influencing its performance, And the characteristics differ from one type to another, such as the difference in weight, the number of cycles and the dimensions of the battery, so try to take all the elements into consideration before you determine the type of your battery, and here is an introduction to the most famous types of batteries.

Tubular liquid batteries: This type was specifically designed to meet the needs of electrical devices that require relatively low power for long periods, unlike similar liquid car batteries designed to give a relatively high rate for short periods that do not exceeding several minutes, in order to suit this purpose, the lead plates inside the tubular batteries have a wide area and less thickness.

Tubular liquid battery characteristics: 1- Tubular batteries are ideal for solar inverters because these inverters contain a charging and discharging system for tubular batteries. 2- It is better equipped, which guarantees greater service and a longer guarantee for services that require energy for long and continuous hours. 3- Equipped with indicators to facilitate the process of monitoring the level of the liquid in it, and thus facilitating the maintenance process. 4- They last longer than normal batteries, and usually come with a longer warranty.

Tubular GEL batteries: The gel battery contains lead immersed in a liquid from the inside, which has been converted into a gel-like substance to make the gel battery less fluid and more cohesive. A moist substance called a gel because it contains silica, and when acid is mixed with silica inside the battery, it produces a wet substance called gel.

Advantages of Tubular Gel Battery: 1-This type of battery is characterized by the depth of charging and discharging, which makes it highly efficient.

2- It operates under high temperature conditions, and its life span is longer compared to acid batteries.

3- The possibility of placing it in any position, Since there is no risk of the gel spilling as it is a gel substance.

4- Designed for slow discharge for long periods of time.

The car battery supplies the starting current to the starter, which requires a very high current that may reach hundreds of amperes within a short period. However, it is important to pay attention to choosing the appropriate battery size for the needs of the car and recommended by the car manufacturer, especially in modern cars, where the role of the battery is not limited to starting, but also supplies power to other electrical and electronic components for the purposes of monitoring and controlling the car and even for entertainment purposes.

1- It provides a continuous high density current for a relatively long period.

2- Easy to charge, it is charged automatically by taking advantage of the rotational movement of the engine while the car is working.

3- Continuity for long hours, so you can supply the electric components of the car with current even if they are not in charging mode.

It is an abbreviation that means absorbent glass network batteries, as they contain a fiberglass network that absorbs liquid and keeps it from movement, vibration and even sedimentation if the battery is stable for long periods. A safety feature of this type of battery.

1- High capacity for charging and storage

2- It is a closed battery, Because of the glass mesh that limits the movement of the liquid, it bears concussion, and even can be used in unfamiliar positions, such as being placed on its side or upside down.

3- It does not require maintenance, and it is manufactured under environmentally friendly conditions and is suitable for home use.

Lithium batteries: The most important thing that distinguishes it is its ability to discharge almost all of its energy, while the rest of the batteries may be exposed to the risk of damage if their energy is completely exhausted, and it enjoys a stable voltage on its two ends for a long time despite its low charge, which makes it suitable for sensitive applications for effort. However, Its small size and light weight make it the most suitable choice to meet daily needs and provide energy for devices with simple consumption.

The most important features of lithium battery: 1- Fast charging in a short time, thanks to its ability to withstand high charging currents. 2- Provides energy for long periods and lasts long without the need for charging because of the very low self-discharge current. 3- Never need maintenance. 4- It provides high and stable current.

In conclusion; to avoid mistakes while choosing a battery, specify your requirements accurately and search for the type of battery that may suit your requirements and check the availability of quality specifications in the battery before purchasing it, try to check the type of battery to be suitable for your use, it may be liquid, dry, gel, or Lithium. Do not forget to ask about the type of the guarantee and its duration.

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