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Experience uninterrupted power with our high-frequency inverters. With their advanced technology and superior components, our inverters ensure a stable power supply even in challenging environments.

What's NeW!

Our latest technology inverters have high-frequency capabilities that are going to change the way you power your life. They're more efficient and reliable than anything you've ever seen before. With our cutting-edge technology, you'll experience minimal energy loss when you convert DC power to AC power, giving you a consistent and stable power supply for all your electrical appliances.

Make the smart choice and choose VANTOM POWER. We guarantee you'll love the quality and performance of our products.

Vantom  high frequency inverter.webp

Kinds Of Our New Inverters

MPS-VX series
Rated power: 6500W
Input: 230VAC
Output: 230VAC±5%

Vantom 6500W high frequency inverter.webp

SM-H series
Rated power: 2400W
Input: 230VAC
Output: 230VAC±5%

Vantom 2400W high frequency inverter.webp

GRS-HIII series
Rated power: 4200W/6200W
Output: 200-230-240VAC

Vantom 6200W high frequency inverter.webp
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