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Vantom Hybrid Solar PWM PCU .webp

Hybrid Solar PWM PCU
From 750VA - 20KVA


  • Smart Solar PCU operate on both Solar Power as well as Grid Power.

  • Smart Solar selection with three different saving level for different topographical zones. User-selectable critical parameter settings.

  • Upgradable to 70Amp PWM Solar Charge Controller.

  • Designed to give you maximum benefit from the solar energy and minimize your electricity bill drastically.

  • Advance DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology for absolute, stable and 100% pure sine wave output.

  • Provision to maintain battery gravity even at 100V (low Grid).

  • Highly efficient battery charging from the solar energy as a result you will get non-stop power, save money, save electricity and protect the environment.

  • Indications for Mains ON, UPS ON, Battery Low, Charging/Discharging, Over Load, Short Circuit, Thermal Trip, Solar available/ Not available and PV reverse on LCD Display.

  • Intelligent overload sensing circuitry with auto retrial feature.

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