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PCU Inverter Kits Suppliers

Exhaustive range of sine wave HUPS kits which are offered in different specifications and capacities.
We use fine quality raw materials to ensure durability and efficient functioning of the kits.

PCU Inverter Kits Suppliers


  • PIC 16F72 microcontroller based.

  • Quasi sine wave output waveform.

  • Pulse Charging.

  • 2 models of operation - HUPS and Inverter.

  • HUPS mode is provided to run computer without interruption.

  • Efficiency (on inverter mode) up to 85%.

  • Short circuit - 300%.

  • Frequency - 50Hz.

  • Protection on overload.

  • Precise charging cut.

  • Overload auto reset 5 times before shutdown.

  • Low battery shut down with beep.

  • Indication - LED or LED or FLD display.

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