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Backed by rich industry experience and market understanding, we are involved in offering a wide array of Vantom Tubular Gel Battery to our valued patrons.

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Tall Tubular Gel Battery

A Gel battery or also called GEL VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) battery is simply a lead-acid battery in which the electrolyte has been immobilized using thixotropic silica gel in order to recombine hydrogen and oxygen. It has a sealed construction with pressure release valves to prevent gases from escaping. The use of silica gel to immobilize the acid is what gives its name – Gel Battery.


  • Robust Tubular with High pressure diecast spine - rate of spine corrosion is very low as compare to AGM VRLA

  • Gelled electrolyte - no stratification and no failure due to PSOC

  • Valve regulated - no water top up during service life

  • Antimony free alloy - longer shelf life because of very low self discharge

  • Very High Design & service life as compare to than AGM VRLA

  • Good for Cyclic & Float Applications

  • Wide operating Temperature Range

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